A portrait of Cesar Mauri in front of a computer and looking to the camera

Hi! I’m Cesar

I am a senior freelance software engineer and entrepreneur. My main areas of expertise include mobile Android apps and cross-platform native desktop apps.

Android mobile apps

I like to develop fast, well-tested, clean-code, native Android apps. I have published several apps on Google Play which account for tens of thousands of active users.

Screenshot of EVA Facial Mouse app showing a small camera preview, a mouse pointer, the action menu and the logo
Screenshot of Enable Viacam software featuring an options dialog

Cross-platform desktop apps

When speed and space matters nothing beats a native app.

I’ve successfully developed and published several native applications written in C/C++ that run on Linux and Windows from the same code base.

Experience, quality and carefulness

I have almost two decades of experience in developing software. I designed, developed and marketed several applications from scratch and thus I am aware of the challenges the entire process entails. I like to get involved beyond programming helping and guiding my clients in all that I can.

For me quality and attention to detail are paramount. When I get involved in a project, I focus on delivering a high-quality product that I can be proud of.

Drop me a message and tell me about your project!

More about me

Apart from software developer, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m the CEO of the Ease Apps startup and I have been involved in other startups as CTO. I’m also an adjunct professor at university where I use to teach programming, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), algorithms and data structures.

For more than a decade, I’ve been working close to people with physical disabilities creating innovative solutions and running programs to help them to embrace and enjoy technology.

Other areas of interest include UI/UX, computer vision, domain modeling, backend development with Java and Python, Angular, .NET among others.

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