Freelance mobile application developer

I help your startup and your team to develop a great mobile application that suit your needs and delights your customers.

I love building usable, well-architected, robust, maintainable, and clean code software that avoids technical debt.

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Whom do I help?

I work with startups owners and development teams that want to create outstanding software. As an entrepreneur myself I’m aware of the challenges that you and your team deal with. I currently focus on mobile native application’s development with Android and Kotlin, but I’m open to discuss projects that embrace other technologies.

How do I work?

No two projects are alike, so first, I need to understand your needs and priorities to so that I can provide the right service for you.

  • I can develop your app from beginning to end, helping you to design, develop and publish your it.
  • I can remotely join your development team and provide development, consulting and mentoring services.

Some selected projects

EVA Facial Mouse

Android application written for the Vodafone Foundation using Java, C++ and OpenCV.

Ease Touch

Android application written for Ease Apps using Kotlin.

Why to invest in quality?

It is relatively easy to create software that works, but it is much harder to create software that also can evolve over time and keep up with your needs. I believe that making the things right from the beginning is the best way to protect your investment in the long term.


I would like to recommend Cesar Mauri, with whom I have worked on different projects at the Vodafone Foundation. During all these projects Cesar always demonstrated his involvement, commitment and ability both in the purely technical aspect of development / programming within the Android environment, and in his performance in more general areas such as analysis or management. Finally, I would also like to highlight his social skills that together with the aforementioned techniques allowed him to exceed expectations“.

Tomás de Andrés
Innovation Department – Vodafone Business Spain

Experience, quality, and carefulness

I have almost two decades of experience in developing software. During my career, I designed, developed and marketed several applications from scratch and thus I am aware of the challenges the entire process entails. I like to get involved beyond programming helping and guiding my clients in all that I can.

For me quality and attention to detail are paramount. Therefore, when I get involved in a project, I focus on delivering a high-quality product that I can be proud of.