This is a summary of the main projects I’ve developed over the years.

Enable Viacam (eViacam)

Enable Viacam is a software that allows you to control your PC by tracking the motion of your head using a webcam.

This is the project which started it all. It traces back to my final degree project in 2002. Soon after the commercial version followed. It was called Facial Mouse. Finally, in 2008 the software was rewritten, renamed as Enable Viacam (or eViacam for short), and released under the GNU/GPL license.

For the techie, the software was written in C and C++ using OpenCV, GTK+, MFC, and wxWidgets among others.


SITPLUS provides a tool for continuous and remote interaction, attainable to the majority of people with cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities.

The project stems from a long term R&D collaboration project with the APPC cerebral palsy center and was aimed at those with severe cognitive and physical conditions. The project is not maintained anymore, but was released under the GNU/GPL license and is still available for Windows and Linux.

For the techie, the software was written in C++ using OpenCV, wxWidgets, and many other libraries. For sound processing, we used Pure Data.

Switch Viacam (sViacam)

Switch Viacam emulates up to two virtual switches using a webcam and computer vision techniques.

This project is also derived from the collaboration with the APPC. Switches are resource commonly used for people with certain degrees of physical disabilities. The aim was to provide a simple to use tool which allowed for creating imaginative switch-based activities for those with cerebral palsy.

The project builds upon the SITPLUS engine and, although not maintained anymore, is still freely available under the GNU/GPL license.

EVA Facial Mouse

EVA tracks your face movements using the front camera and artificial vision techniques. A mouse pointer allows you to control all the actions of your device.

This is the evolution of Enable Viacam created for smartphones, Android in particular. EVA was created with the support of the Spain Vodafone Foundation. Currently, the original EVA was phased out by EVA Facial Mouse PRO, an evolution of the original software.

For the techie, EVA has been developed using C++ and Java using OpenCV and other libraries.

Ease Apps

Ease Apps is a social startup with the goal to provide an answer to the lack of physical accessibility of mobile devices.

It consists of a set of 3 apps (four if the count EVA) that provide several accessibility services to improve the accessibility of the Android devices for those people with physical disabilities.